Stellar-Somerset Gallery “5 New Painters”, 2007

CATHERINE DUDLEY is a Los Angeles based artist working with printed and collaged materials on panel. Both graphic in nature yet speaking of the natural world which has a great similarity to the other artists in this exhibition. Catherine relies on screen printing as the main conveyance of paint, with a variety of papers, punched holes and nails pounded into the surface. In many ways these works are a part of the printmakers craft but as a graphic sign maker might employ. Their is a strength in these works that balances the sensitive placement of things with an almost off hand manner that allows all of the elements to speak in unison keeping the work out of preciousness.

This work is decidedly a directive to landscape but at the same time is part of the European collage tradition. It may be that a whole new group of California landscape art is emerging that is looking for more of balance between the Man made and the natural worlds.

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